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How To Delete Your Telegram Account

Telegram is a popular messaging service like whatsapp that takes care of both speed and safety. It is the free app on both Android and iOS and can be played on multiple devices with the same Telegram account at the same time. For Signup to Telegram is easy as all you have to do is enter your phone number in the app. and if you want to delete the telegram account, then it is also very easy. 

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But To Delete a Telegram account will remove all your data from Telegram system. your telegram Messages, groups and contacts associated with that telegram account will be deleted. only The groups you created will remain and their members will still be able to chat with each other. Their administrators will retain their authority. This is a irreversible process and therefore if you log back in the same number, you will find as a new user and your contacts will be notified. and then you will need access to the device on which Telegram is installed. For deleting your Telegram account you need a non-mobile browser.

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How to Delete telegram account


How to delete Telegram account:

1. First you go to, via desktop browser only.

2. Now You enter your phone number with the your area code. Then click on Next.

3.Then A confirmation code will be sent to you on the Telegram app on your device     as a message from Telegram.

4.Now Go back to the browser and enter the code. then Click on Sign in.

5.You will see 'Your Telegram account' On this page You have three options - API       development tools, Delete account, and Log out option. Here you click on Delete     account.

6.On the next page, you see that you have already entered your phone number           and find a place to tell Telegram why you are deleting your account, this is               optional.

7.Now click on Delete My Account button.

8.Now you will see a pop-up which has option- Yes, delete my account (Yes, delete     my account). Click on it. (There will also be an option to return).

Now your Telegram account will be deleted.


So friends, in the same way you can also Delete Your Telegram Account, hope you liked this article and it will be helpful to you.


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