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How To Change Whatsapp Font

How To Resize Whatsapp Font 

How To Change Whatsapp Font

Whatsapp is a very popular instant messaging app that is used by people of all age groups, but if you have weak eyesight or glasses on your eyes, so that you have trouble reading Whatsapp messages, many times we may miss reading important messages. And then we suffer a lot. 

so friends, today I am going to tell such a trick, so that you will be able to read Whatsapp messages easily.

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So friends, for this we have to make some changes in our Whatsapp setting.

So first we have to open our Whatsapp,and click on the 3 dot in the top right corner and after that we have to click on the setting option, after that You will have to go to the option of chat, in this page you will see the option of font size in 5 no.row, click on it then you will get it selected on medium, which is selected by default after installing the app, so we just select it on large Just have to do it, after this all the chat messages of your Whatsapp will be enlarged and will be able to read clearly and if you want to reduce the font size then you have to do the same process and click on the small option.


So friends, I hope this article will be helpful for you. And if you liked this article then share it with your friends and social media.

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