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How To Send Large Files Through Email, How To Send Large Video On Whatsapp

How To Send Large Video On Whatsapp.

How To Send Large Files Through Email, How To Send Large Video On Whatsapp

Hello Friends,

On WhatsApp we can send audio, video or document PDF file up to 16 MB size.

Due to the limit size, we are not able to transfer large files on WhatsApp.

Now it is very common to take pictures and record videos in smartphones. You can record good quality HD videos in smart phones but their file size is very high.

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Even if you record HD video of 30-40 seconds, its size goes up to 18 to 20 MB. But the issue of size is not in the mobiles because now all the mobiles come at least above the size of 16 GB.

But there is a lot of trouble when it comes to sending the file over the internet.

In this article you will be able to know how to send large files on WhatsApp from Android and iPhone mobiles.

So friends, for this we have to download an application from playstore named dropbox (cloud)

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Transfer Large Files Using Drop Box (Cloud)

Drop Box is a well-known cloud service that lets you share large files.

If you do not have drop box in your mobile or you have not installed yet then you can download from the link given below.

After downloading the drop box, open it and signup with your Google account or Apple ID, then the next page in front of you and ask for some permission from you then click on allow,after that create account by ticking i agree after clicking on it the homepage of Dropbox will shown in front of you here you have to go to the file option and click on upload. 

Then your phone's gallery will open in front of you, from here you select the file that you want to send and click on upload, then this file will be uploaded to your dropbox and by clicking on it you copy its link and share it with your friends. You can share on WhatsApp and by clicking on that file, clicking on the share option, you will get the option to send email, then from here you can also send that file through email.

And your friend will open the link and download that file and see that file.

So friends, I hope this post will be helpful for you to send large file on whatsapp or email, so if you liked this article, then you can share it on social media so that more people can also take advantage of it.


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