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How to connect TV to Mobile Phone

How to connect TV to Mobile Phone

Friends, in this article I will tell you that How to connect TV to mobile phone.Sometimes we want to see store photos on our mobile phone, or a movie in big fonts on our led tv instead of watching it on our mobile phone or we want to watch it collectively with our family, then everyone on mobile phone People cannot watch together, then we think how to connect mobile to TV. So I will tell you the tips to connect Mobile to TV.

There are many ways to connect mobile phone to tv, but I will tell you about the top 5 tricks with which you can connect your phone to led tv.

1. USB cable to LED TV:

Most of all I will tell you how to connect your led tv with USB cable. Connecting your mobile phone to TV with USB cable is very simple. As you have to put the usb cable in the usb port of your led tv and put the second cable of usb in the charging port of your mobile, after that you have to select the option of file transfer in your mobile, in which you have to turn on android file transfer. After this, you have to select usb in the menu of your TV, after that, all the folders that are in your mobile phone will be shown in your TV. Now you can open whatever file you want to see.

2. Connecting mobile to TV with Micro-HDMI Cable:

You can also connect your phone to the TV with the help of Micro HDMI cable. For this you will need Micro HDMI cable which you will get at any computer shop. Before purchasing HDMI cable, check whether your led tv has HDMI port. If it is then you buy HDMI port. Connecting the mobile phone to the TV with the help of HDMI cable is very simple.

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First of all, put one end of the cable in the TV and the other end in the charging port of your mobile.

Go to the TV menu and select HDMI in the input.

Now your mobile display will be displayed in your led tv.

3.connect Chromecast mobile to TV:

Chromecast is a device from Google that looks like a pen drive. With the help of Chromecast we can connect the display of our computer and mobile to our led tv. This is a WIFI-like device with the help of which we can see the display of mobile or computer on our TV. Chromecast works on the WIFI Signal.

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Plug the Chromecast into the USB port of the TV.

Now go to your tv settings and select Chromecast.

Install Chromecast's application in the computer or mobile phone you want to connect to your TV.

Turn on Mobile Wi-Fi and connect Chromecast to Wi-Fi.

Now your mobile screen will be displayed on your TV.

4. connect Mobile to TV with the help of WIFI:

If you want, you can also connect your LED TV to mobile with the help of WIFI. Just for this, you should have an LED TV that has WIFI facility. Most Smart TVs have wifi.

To connect WIFI through mobile to TV, you must first turn on your TV's WIFI On.

After that you have to scan your TV's wifi with your mobile wifi.

After the WIFI scan, connect your mobile to the wifi of the TV.

And now your mobile screen will be on your tv. That is, your mobile has been connected to your TV.

5. connect Mobile to TV using Bluetooth:

The way to connect your mobile to the TV with the help of Bluetooth is the same as if the mobile was connected to the TV with the help of wifi. For this, you have to turn on your TV's Bluetooth and scan the Bluetooth of your TV in your mobile and then connect your mobile to the Bluetooth of the TV, just your mobile will be connected to your LED TV, now whatever file you want You can open it on your TV.

Now whatever trick you like, you can connect your mobile to the TV in that way. If you like this post of mine, then you can share it with your friends.

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