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Immunity Boosting Fruits And Vegetables

If the immune system is not maintained properly, then we are soon vulnerable to diseases. The main reason for the weakening of the immune system is the lack of neutrients in the diet. So let's know about some foods that increase immunity, so that you can always be healthy by including them in your daily diet.
Immunity Boosting Fruits And Vegetables

1.The vegetables
Eating vegetables reduces the chances of cholesterol and heart disease. They get vitamins and minerals from the body, which keeps the immune system healthy.
- Eating fenugreek daily provides relief from anemia.
Fenugreek is also beneficial for diabetic patients.
After eating it after delivery, the mother gets good milk.
- It contains a lot of iron and calcium, which is beneficial in anemia.
Spinach and other green vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, folic acid and fibers.
- Carrot is a source of vitamin A, carotenoid and anti oxidant.
- Consumption of carrots reduces the possibility of lung cancer.
Vitamin A is good for the eyes and also reduces the possibility of cataract.
- Regular intake of tomatoes helps in heart disease.
- If cholesterol is high, drink tomato juice regularly.
- Tomato is also helpful in lowering the level of LDL (Bad Cholesterol).
- It contains lycopene, which neutralizes the free radicals present in the body, due to which free radicals do not harm our body.
- Regular consumption reduces the risk of possible health problems ranging from wrinkles on the skin to heart attacks.

2.The fruit
These are anti-oxidant stores. They should be eaten daily.
- Apple is a good source of vitamin C and potassium.
- If 1 or 2 apples are eaten daily, then the energy level increases.
- This makes the immune system strong and also lowers blood pressure.
- It is a source of vitamin NGC.
Orange is also helpful in protecting against cancer, increasing blood circulation (blood circulation), healing wounds quickly.
- Both green and black grapes have anti oxidants.
- They protect the nerves from being narrow and hard.
- Ilogic acid found in grapes also has anti-cancer properties.
- It contains high amount of anthocyanins.
- It destroys the bad LDL cholesterol present in the body and does not let the blood clots freeze.
- All berries, such as strawberry, blueberry, canberry, etc. are good sources of vitamins and phytochemicals.
Phytochemicals are substances that protect against diseases.
- Strawberries also have anti cancer properties.
- Eating it removes weakness and depression.
- It would be right to call it anti-energy energy booster, because it gets energy immediately after eating it.
- It contains 3 types of natural sugars - glucose, sucrose and fructose.
- High fiber found in it helps in relieving constipation.
Apart from this, banana extract is also useful in ulcers, anemia, blood pressure, depression etc.
- It is a source of pectin fiber and potassium.
- Pectin reduces cholesterol, keeps the body free from toxins.
- It also contains sodium, phosphorus, copper, vitamin A, C. This stimulates the white cells to fight infection and prevents damage from free radicals.
- Lycopene is found in abundance in it.
- It reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
- It contains protein, carbohydrate, vitamin C, A and fiber.
- To avoid problems after menopause, it is beneficial to eat 2 peaches daily, because the agboronef found in it increases the estrogen hormone level.
- Amla is found in plenty of vitamin C, which makes the immune system very strong.
- If you eat amla juice and honey mixed daily, then many diseases are prevented.

Foods eaten in salads are also helpful in improving the immune system.
- It is cold in nature, diuretic (diuretic) and beneficial for the skin.
- Fresh cucumber juice also benefits in chest irritation, acidity, eczema, arthritis, gastritis and ulcers.
- It contains almost no calories and is rich in vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A, B, C, B9 etc.
- Vitamin A found in asparagus is beneficial for skin and hair and fiber for cleansing the intestines.
- It contains a lot of zinc.
- It is diuretic.
- Its leaves contain iron, calcium and vitamin C.
- It contains iron, potassium and vitamin C.
- It detoxes the liver and keeps the immune system healthy.
- In this, compound called vitamin C and flavonoids which make the immune system strong.
- It also has anti-cancer and anti-oxidant properties.
- It makes skin and gums healthy.
Coriander leaves
- It contains iron.
- It enhances the taste of food and prevents allergies and indigestion.
- Curd contains zinc, due to which the immune system is weakened.
- It contains calcium, vitamin E and protein.
- Eating curd reduces the smell coming from the mouth.
- Helps in fighting the harmful bacteria of the digestive tube, which keeps the digestive system healthy.
Also get rid of all stomach related problems.
- It contains natural sugars and carbohydrates, which are easily absorbed in the body and give instant energy, the effect of which lasts for a long time. So athletes and runners use it in their daily diet.
- It is also a stress booster and antiseptic.
- Its leaves also relieve gas problem, nausea and stomach problem.
- To avoid hepatitis and typhoid, eat 5 leaves of it daily.
Dry fruits
- All dry fruits are sources of vitamins, fiber, mineral iron and calcium.
- They are very healthy. They contain high protein and fat.
- Brainfood almond is a source of vitamin E, which reduces skin wrinkles and cholesterol.

Useful substances present in various grains also enhance the immune system, by which we remain healthy.
Pulses (All Kinds)
- They contain all the essential amino acids.
- They contain 20-25% protein, which is twice the protein found in wheat and three times the protein of rice.
- It contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are good for health.
- Its use in menopause and osteoporosis greatly benefits.
- Beans contain vitamin B and potassium.
- It helps in reducing cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and reducing the risk of blood pressure, cancer and obesity.
Are helpful.
Oats (Oats)
- It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, silicon, vitamin B and E. It is healthy to eat them in breakfast.
They also help in digestion.
- are beneficial for lowering cholesterol and diabetes.
Flex seeds (flaxseed)
- Omega 3 fatty acid is abundant in flax seeds, so its intake protects against diseases like heart disease, cancer, arthritis.
- It contains manganese, folic acid, copper, phosphorus and vitamin B6.
- If it is consumed daily then there is benefit in psoriasis, osteoporosis, diabetes and allergies
it happens.
In addition to vitamins A, B, E, it also contains calcium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, potassium and zinc.
Poppy seeds (poppy seeds)
- It is very beneficial for pregnant and lactating mothers.
- It contains calcium, phosphorus.
- It keeps the digestive system of the body healthy.

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