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Yoga Day

International Yoga Day In the speech of the United Nations General Assembly on 27 September 2014, Honorable Chief Minister Narendra Modi appealed to celebrate International Yoga Day. After this, the US passed the proposal of International Day of Yoga in a meeting of 123 members. After the US appealed to celebrate International Yoga Day, within 90 days 177 countries passed the proposal for International Yoga Day. International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21 June 2015 for the first time in the whole world.
Yoga originates from India. The history of Yoga in India has been told about 2000 years old. Swami Vivekananda started yoga long ago in India. Swami ji gave the message of yoga to the whole world in his Chicago conference speech. The collection of books based on yoga is still found in the national museums of India. Yoga is an invaluable part of nature in India.

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Yoga postures are a panacea remedy to prevent corona. Yoga keeps the body perfectly healthy. As the immunity increases, the respiratory system also becomes stronger. Obviously, there is no question of any kind of infection in a healthy body. The only common solution to avoid the infection of corona virus is yoga.

White blood cells grow:

By doing yoga daily regularly, white blood cells increase in the body. Due to these, immunity from disease increases. When the resistance of our body increases that no virus or germ can infect us. This system of fighting the diseases of our body eliminates itself. In this way we can win the battle with Corona just by yoga. Along with this, blood pressure, tension, diabetes, heart disease etc. can be avoided through five pranayama and five asanas. Corona virus infections are mostly a threat to those people who suffer from the above mentioned diseases. It does not take long to do these asanas. At least five minutes can be removed in your daily routine.

Take care of food:

It is best to take pure and fresh food. It is okay to avoid meat. Soy can be taken as an alternative. There is nothing better than vegetarianism in the Indian food culture. Use food rich in vitamin-C. Lemon, orange and amla can be used. Make a decoction of basil, giloy and black pepper and take it three to four times a day. This makes the immunity of the body strong. If possible, perform Yagna by mixing cow's ghee, googal and camphor in the incense stuff at home. Due to its smoke, any kind of bacteria or virus in the house will die.

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Disease resistance can be increased by strengthening the respiratory system by doing five types of pranayama. These five are in pranayama Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Anulom: Antonyms, Bhramari and Udgith.

Keeps the digestive system, heart, lungs and brain healthy. Keeps bile and phlegm balanced.

Kapalbhati: Helps in keeping all the body parts healthy

Anulom-Vilom: Helping keep heart patients healthy

Bhramari: Helps keep stress free

Udgith: relieves migraine and depression

Five Aasan
Uttrasana: Improves digestive system and increases appetite. Relaxation in back pain.

Paschimottanasan: It protects against diseases related to liver and kidney.

Pawanmuktasana: Effective in eliminating wind disorders and constipation. Weakness is far away.

Uttanapadasana: Strengthens the nervous system along with keeping the body intact.

Mandukasana: Aids in relieving diabetes, colitis. Helpful in releasing insulin from pancreas. In such a situation your immunity increases.

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