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PPD network

PPD network

What is PPD network? How to make money from PPD sites

In today's post, we are going to tell you a new way to earn money online, called PPD Network. If you blogger and your blog receives a lot of daily traffic or you have a lot of followers on social media, then you can earn extra money through PPD network.

What is PPD network?
Full name of PPD is Pay Per Download. As is clear from the name itself, you get paid for each download. If you also have a blog or website on which the daily traffic attracts a lot, then you too can make good money from PPD network.

You can upload any file by creating your account on PPD sites and share its download link on your website, blog or social media, whenever a visitor will download that file from your link, you will get its money. You can upload files of any type of file like - image, videos, text etc. Apart from this, you can also make income from the referral program of these sites.
PPD network

There are two types of PPD sites, one on which we have to complete a survey before downloading the file and the other is to download the file without completing the survey. The surveyed PPD site pays you more per download. These sites pay you 2 to 10 dollars per thousand downloads.

How to get money -
The money you earn from PPD is what you get in dollars. You can receive your payment through payza, paypal, payoneer or other e-currency wallet, from where later you can transfer it to your local bank account.

A lot of PPD sites will be found on searching the Internet, but there are more than half of these frauds, before checking any site, you must check the review of that site.
PPD network

Best Pay Per Download (PPD) Sites to earn money -

Friends, this was information about what PPD sites are and how to make money from it, if you want to earn extra from your blog or social media, then you can join PPD sites.

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