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How To Backup PC OR Laptop

How To Backup PC OR Laptop How To Backup PC OR Laptop

 Today you will know How To Backup PC OR Laptop through this post.

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Sometimes due to virus, error, hardware problem in the computer, the necessary data of the computer is lost. Due to which our personal data goes away, due to which we can also suffer a lot of loss. If you keep a backup of your computer, then any problem happens in your computer, you can retrieve the data of the computer with the help of backup file.

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If you do not want to lose your data, then take backup of the computer. Backing up a computer means making a separate copy of the computer's operating system and all the files on the computer. Which is called the system image. We are going to tell you the very best way to backup the computer.
So let's know about Computer Backup 
If you are also wanting to backup your computer for some reason, then you must read this post from beginning to end. Only then you will get complete information about it and you will be able to backup your computer correctly.

The way we are telling you to backup your PC will work in all Windows. Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 will work on all. 

1.Tap on start button
First click on Start Button. Go to the control panel and click on System And Security.

2.Backup and restore
Now below you will find an option Backup And Restore, then click on it.

3.Set Up Back Up
After this, click on the option that comes up Set Back-up.

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4.Select Drive
There will be some Drive Show in front of you. You have to select the drive on which you will keep a backup of your computer. You cannot keep a backup on the drive you are backing up. Now after selecting Drive, click on Next.

5.Tap On Let Me Choose

After next, you will have two options. From this, click on Let Me Choose and click on Next.

6.Select Items
Now you will have some options. From this, you have to select the options that you want to back up and click on Next.

7.Save Setting And Run Backup
After selecting the option, you will see a review option in front of you. Whether the drive you have selected is right or not, then click on Save Setting and Run Backup.

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8.Backup Your Files
Now your backup will start. It will take time to backup according to the size of your file.

Restore The 
Backup File
So in this way you can take backup in your computer and if you want to restore the backed up file then follow the steps given below.

1.Tap on start button
First you go to the control panel and click on System And Security.

2.Tap on backup and restore

Now click on Backup And Restore.

3.Tap On Restore My Files
If you have backed up on a DVD or a drive from Pendrive, click on Restore My Files.

4.Browse For Files
Now some options will come in front of you, click on Browse For Files.

5.Select File
The backup you took will be Show. You select all the files from it by pressing Ctrl + A and make it next.

6.Restores file
Select where you want to restore the backup from the computer's file. First select the option and click on Restore.

In a short time you will get your backup file again. So friends, you can restore your backed up file in this way.
Now we are telling you about some software, with the help of which you can also backup the computer. The software we are telling you is absolutely free. So that you can backup your data to Manually and Automatic Computer hard disk or to External Storage, Flash Drive.

Aomei Backupper Standard Software
This software runs in Window Xp / Vista / Window 7, Window 8 / 8.1, Window 10. This is a very good software for PC Backup. In this software you get the absolute best features.
In this, you can backup personal files and folders, hard disk, hard drive or dynamic value for backup. In this, you can also take automatic backup based on Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Fbackup Software
Fbackup Window 2000/2003/2008 / Xp / Vista / Window 7 runs in Window 8. You can use this software in both personal and commercial. You can also store your personal data in it.
It can be used easily. It is very easy to use. In Fbackup you can also make a full copy of the hard disk or you can create a zip file of more than 2 Gb of data from this software. In addition, you can also protect Zip with password.

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