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Earn Money By Starting Online Business From CellTM

Who does not want to earn money in today's time? Over time, the ways of earning money also change. We all know the Internet has changed our lives completely. Nowadays, a lot of people are making money from online internet. There are many websites, applications, platforms available on the internet, from which you can earn very well. Today we will learn about one such application, with the help of which you can easily earn money using your smartphone. The name of this application is Selltm, this is an Indian application with the help of which you can earn money by recharging mobiles, booking flights tickets, bus tickets, taxis, etc. Let us know in detail about this Selltm Application and how to earn money with the help of this app. 

If you want to do business online then this application can prove to be a very good platform for you. With the help of this application using social media (Whatsapp, Facebook), you can easily make extra income. The best thing about this application is that you do not need to make any investment to do online business with the help of this Selltm application.

What is selltm?
CellTM is an Indian application with the help of which you can do online business.
CellTM application is a platform where you can get great commission from CellTM by reselling many services online. With the help of this application you can book online mobile recharge, flight ticket, bus ticket, taxi etc. at a low price and get commission of up to 25000.

Earn money by starting online business from CellTM (selltm)
It is very easy to start online reselling business with this application and as we said above, you do not need to make any kind of investment.
First of all, install the application on smartphone and sign up
Tell people about your business (you can use social media)
Update your celltm profile
Learn to work in CellTM. Such as - learn to recharge online, book flight tickets, bus tickets etc.
Now work online and earn profits by getting commission on CellTM.
In this way, we can easily earn money from a smartphone sitting at home with the help of the CellTM (Selltm) application. Perhaps the question is coming in your mind that how much commission will we get for selling the service in CellTM. Let's know how much commission is received on selling the service in CellTM…
Commission Structures
Domestic Flights - upto 500 / - per person
International Flights - upto 2000 / - per person
Bus Tickets - 6% to 10% of Base Fare
Outstation Cabs - 4% of Base Fare
Hotels - 10% to 20% of Base Fare
Holidays - 6-10% of Base Package Price
Mobile Recharges - 7% on JIO and 3 to 7% on other operators
DTH Recharges - 3 to 4.2%

Why use Selltm
We learned about the CellTM application as well as how to earn money from it. Perhaps you are thinking that we do not have to do this business, so we will not use this application. Below are some points related to the application, which you should know about.
This application is completely free.
You can do your own recharge, family member smartphone recharge, taxi booking, flight ticket booking at very cheap prices, plus you will get commission.
You do not get any kind of commission for booking recharge, flight tickets, bus tickets, etc. from any other application but you get them in CellTM.
The best thing is that it is an Indian application.

In this article we have read “What is Selltm? Learn how to make money from Selltm App. Hope you have liked this article, if you have liked this article, then do share it on social media.

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