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Chingari App

Chingari App

Hello Friends, here we will talk About The Chingari App Made In India 

The boycott of the Chinese product has intensified following the border dispute. People are breaking the TVs of Chinese companies. The whole country is angry. There are many Chinese apps in India which are used by crores of people. In India the number of users of Tiktok alone is 20 crores, while there are many such Chinese apps which are quite popular. In the last two-three months, a number of Made in India apps have been launched in the competition of Chinese app, but the most viral is an app launched three days ago ... Let's know about it ...

After Roposo, (Mitron) and (Bolo India), a Made in India app named Chingari has been launched which has been downloaded by more than five lakh people in just three days. Chingari is a short video app created by Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam of Bangalore.

According to the developer's within 36 hours of its launch, the Chingari app was on the trending list of Google Play-Store. The Chingari app is available in 10 languages ​​including Hindi and English.

developers says

Biswatma Nayak and Siddharth Gautam, developers of the Chingari app, said, "The popular video sharing app was created by almost 500,000 users in just hours, and subscribers are joining continuesly in the Chingari family."

Chingari App

Left the Mitron app
App developers claim that this app has outstripped Tiktok's clone app (Mitron) app. He further said that Chingari is trending at number one on the Google Play store.

What is special about Chingari App?

Videos can be uploaded and downloaded in the Chingari app. Apart from this, creativity can be done with chatting with friends, interacting with new people, browsing WhatsApp with WhatsApp status, videos, audio clips, GIF stickers and photos.

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